30-Second Survey – The Debate on Debates

Do they matter?

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    This debate between a convicted felon with absolutely no experience concerning the current geopolitical situation in the world, as well as his declining cognition, and a seasoned politician, will demontrate, I believe, the importance of having an actual representative of the people at the helm.

    One is simply a self-serving ego-maniac that should not even be allowed to run as he is a convictef felon, a convicted sexual predator and hopefully, a soon to be convicted leader of an insurrection against our own government! He is a traitor that has stolen classified documents which he has more than liekly shared with our enemies, and has destryoed and corrupted the Supreme Court woh, with his help, has removed constituional rights form all women of America!

    Due to the fact that our media is so biased, tainted and has no problems publishing false information, we need these public forums to show Americans that our very democracy is at stake if this corrupt individual, with no clear purpose but to make sure he doesn't go to prison, is Never Elected President Again!

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    The debate may be beneficial for undecided voters.  Many have already made up their mind.  In the last debates, Trump acted as a bully and that is my expection this time.  Biden becomes stressed and may become confused by those actions this time.

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    Trump is a convicted felon, an extremely shady businessman, has filed bankruptcy six times and his screwed over the "little man" many times over. He owes millions of dollars and is a sexual predator. He helped get Roe v Wade overturned making the government the decision-maker for millions of women on what they can do with their own bodies! He said he will pardon everyone involved in the January 6th insurrection that he instigated. He will seek revenge against his detractors on Day 1! Finally, Trump will go off topic and botch the debate all by himself!

    President Joe Biden is the only choice to maintain the American Democracy!