30-Second Survey – Addressing Mental Illness

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    Mental illness holds a stigma that is ignored by those who wish to deny it's existence.  For far too long it's affects on those who have it and those who can't admit to having a family member or friend who suffer from it, have caused many negative results in daily lives.  It's the least addressed illness within the medical community, and the least covered by insurance.

    Unfortunately, the prevelence is blatantly apparent in people who suffer in silence, and those who have little or no awareness, yet find their way into positions of power that can create delusional theme's affecting millions in very harmful ways.

    The list of mental illnesses is long, but the list of how we deal with them is short.  Sadly, the lack of acknowledgement, and treatment does not make it go away, but keeps many open wounds untreated perpetuating an unhealable approach to solutions.  Consequently, not only do those with diagnosed mental illness suffer, but those who are indirectly affected by the undiagnosed, walking and functioning mentally ill who create unbearable environments.