Survey Results - WHAT DO THEY SEE IN HIM?

If the election was held today, who would you vote for?

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    We need to preserve our Democracy. President Biden cares for the middle Class. Donald Trump is only for himself.

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    As a white, educated, female, practicing Christian, I would never vote for Trump. So many of the comments on here accuse Christian in general of being for Trump, being Christian nationalists, uneducated, etc. I would say to those women, be VERY careful of painting all Christianns with such a broad brush. I don't advocate for abortion, but would never presume to tell another woman what is best for her body. I wouldn't outlaw guns completely, but I would advocate for enforcement of current laws and place restrictions on gun dealers, and deny ownership to those who have been convisted of crime, even misdemeanors involving guns, ad those who have been show to be generally irresponsible with guns or proven to be mentally unstable--like Trump.