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    A new movie was released this last Friday called Civil War. I am trying to make up my miind if I want to go see it or not, It was in production before the resent conflict in the middle east, which has caused even more division. between American citizens. I like the fact that they have said it is from the view point of the reporter rather than the citizens who are under attack. If you have seen it I would like to know the oppinions what you think, good or bad.  

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    How do we convince ignorant people to embrace AI.  It is so important.  Thanks Susan 😊 

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    I am extremely concerned about alowing the criminal Trump to be allowed to run for government office of any kind. 
    I am extremely concerned about the degradation of women from government. Women have fought to long to have our rights taken away. Who does this kind of thing? My sumation is cruel men. These types of men should not be allowed in government. 

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    It is important to focus, not on the candidates, but on what each represents. I have voted Democrat because the members of that party demonstrate true concern about the American people. It's about integrity, honesty, compassion, equality, human services. Compare that to lies, threats, intimidation, tax cuts for the wealthy. To me the choice is very clear. I'm not voting for Biden because of him, but because of the party he represents.

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    Dear Sara:


    With all the implications of the  election Interference in the 2016 election, knowing that Russia n China interfered with, pushing Trump into the office of President, Why isn't this being investigated even further?  I would like to know since all the corruption is coming to a head and WE the people gave our hopes n dreams of a Woman becoming the Chief in charge, how come no one is truly fighting to give Hilary Clinton her rightful place in the office.  I'm tired of the Male dominance of our country.  GIVE HILARY HER RIGHTFUL JOB AS PRESIDENT OF THESE United States!  Isn't there something in our laws that can enable her to become President of our country without going thru another election,   I voted for her because she spoke truth regarding DJT, his friendship with our hostile enemies.  She would Neva give any of our secrets, weapons or  launch codes to an outsider, especially when they are willing to destroy what we have.  I cannot get an honest, truthful answer to this.  HILARY SHOULD HAVE BEEN OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF!  

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    Why is it so hard to talk to elected officials. Some supposedly have help the officials but hardly ever works. It would be great to contact an elected official that would answer emails!

    I live at the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and for the Last 6 years I have been trying to start a Youth Center in the Marquette County West End..The State was Given Federal Money for Community purpose. I have partnered with 4H.. and we applied for $2,500,000. To purchase the land 11.3 acres to build the center in 3 phases. Phase 1 is to build a 4H Barn and have animals for kids to adopt and take of it as part of the program. A Garden where they plant their favorite vegetables learn to care for the garden and reap the harvest to prepare in meals. Apparently there were a lot off applicants and we were just denied with no explanation as to why no consideration. Needless to say they are downstate and maybe not familiar with this area roughly our Winters last about 7 months. There is nothing for Youth to do. High rate of alcohol, drugs but the devastating one is Suicide. I started this journey 6 years ago, because of a student in the local highschool committing suicide. Not the last one. I worked with the Boys and Girls of America, had them come to talk to Stackholders to determine if a youth center was needed. They decided we definitely needed a Center. It was a yes unfortunately COVID came and informed us they could no longer help. That we need to build it and then charter with them. I started with 5 people helping. We were incorporated in the State and we are a 501c3. I have partnered with the Marquette County 4H. So we felt that a 4H Barn would absolutely be great for the Community especially our Youth. I have no idea how you can help, but as women to women we are Moms to Moms first. Check our Website 

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    "I wholeheartedly share your sentiments. It's disheartening to witness the persistent exhaustion among women due to the ongoing rhetoric and the unsettling presence of Trump in our headlines. His divisive actions aimed at steering America towards a dictatorship only exacerbate this fatigue. It's imperative for us, as women, to persist in our unwavering support for democracy and the women's rights. 

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    With civility:  this is a woman's organization.  Does this include men who say they are women?

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    What does Congress think is the most pressing issue for women? And do you find that it aligns with what you're seeing in our survey results?