Can Women Find Common Ground On Reproductive Healthcare Policy?

Women2Women is a bi-partisan organization representing the plurality of women in America. We operate under the idea that women have more in common with each other than they do with either political party. When we unite, we have power. When we allow ourselves to be divided by wedge issues and extreme voices, we lose that power.

With the elimination of Roe v Wade, we’ve watched the discussion of women’s reproductive healthcare devolve into chaos. After listening to women across the country, we’ve formulated a response. Contrary to popular belief, most women are not militant on this issue. Most of us are willing to find a middle ground that recognizes the sanctity of human life while protecting every woman’s right to basic healthcare. We are asking elected officials across the country to do the same.

Most women who are pro-life are willing to accept that:

• No woman, anywhere in America, should be denied proper treatment for complications from nonviable pregnancies.
• No woman, anywhere in America, should be forbidden from making decisions about their own reproductive health because they did not yet know they were pregnant.

Most women who are pro-choice are willing to accept that:

• Late-term abortions of viable babies should not be performed, except in circumstances threatening the life or physical health of the mother.
• It is not acceptable for women anywhere in America to deliver viable babies who are then killed as a form of abortion.

Our research shows us that most women in America can agree on a middle ground:

• Freedom for doctors and patients to make reproductive healthcare decisions up to 16 weeks of pregnancy.
• Freedom for doctors and patients to make reproductive healthcare or other medical decisions at any time when the mother’s life or physical health is at risk.
• No late-term abortions of viable babies unless the mother’s life is at risk.

We see our current patchwork of laws and regulations negatively impacting women’s basic right to proper healthcare. While we respect the rights of states and localities to dictate their own standards, we insist that they respect the rights of the women living in those localities.

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